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Sidev Display Systems joins Atlona network

Thursday, 23 March 2017

France - Atlona has bolstered its global partner network with the appointment of Sidev Display Systems as its new distribution partner in France. Sidev will join forces with Atlona’s local sales team in France, including Christophe Gaborit and Kevin Andry, to strengthen Atlona’s presence across the nation.
In addition to distributing Atlona’s complete solutions portfolio, the Sidev team will provide technical services for systems integrators, resellers, consultants, and end users across the sales, installation and commissioning process. Sidev’s presence in France, which includes show rooms in Paris and Lyon, offers two central locations for education and training purposes related to Atlona products.
“With more than 20 years of experience in the audio-visual market, a track record for quick delivery, and a reputation for supporting many of the industry’s strongest brands, Sidev provides Atlona with a unique opportunity to expand its presence and market penetration throughout France,” said Mr. Gaborit, regional sales manager, Atlona.
In addition to providing sales and support for Atlona’s legacy HDBaseT switching and distribution portfolio, Sidev will focus on business development for Atlona’s recent innovations that move beyond its traditional focus. This includes Velocity, Atlona’s new cloud-based control system; the AT-UHD-HDVS-300-


PL+S: Alcons schedules double debut

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Germany - Prolight+Sound sees Alcons Audio previewing two new products for the first time, as well hosting an off-side demonstration and observing its annual tradition of showing its latest development ideas and studies, marking the direction that Alcons product portfolio will be heading in the foreseeable future.
The new products being previewed are a wide-dispersion version of the LR28 larger format line array and an extension of the QR24 series, the company’s modular high-output line-source column.
In a development which will be of interest to larger live productions and festivals, the 110° horizontal dispersion LR28/110 is designed as an extension of the existing three-way, 80° dispersion LR28/80. Featuring the same faceprint down-fill and components (two 14” woofers, four 6.5” midrange and a RBN1402rsr pro-ribbon driver) on a 110° waveguide, the LR28/110 is powered and controlled by four channels of the Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controller. Like the LR28/80, it has a rigging system that enables angle-setting on the cabinets without lifting the array, resulting in safer and faster set-up with minimal handling.
Alcons is also showing its new extension of the QR24 series modular high-output line-source column. Designed for acoustically challenging venues, the QR24 delivers high output and razor sharp dispersion control, without the nee


Plugfest 2017: PLASA Technical Resources in action

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

UK - The European RDM and sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest for 2017 will take place Wednesday 26 through Friday 28 April, in the UK, at Gatwick Manor, London Road at Lowfield Heath, just south of Gatwick Airport.
The Developers Conference provides a European forum for manufacturers, designers, consultants and prospective users; and aims to ensure that the adoption of standards achieves the desired levels of interoperability and reliability. Conference sessions will cover the understanding, implementation and use of the published E1.20, E1.37-1 and E137-2 RDM standards.
Other projects in the current ESTA Technical Standards Program such as “E1.33 : RDMnet” and the E1.37-5 and E137-4 extensions will also feature. Updates on Art-Net and RDM will also feature.
The Plugfest is a hands-on opportunity for product developers to try out their hardware and code implementations with products from a variety of other manufacturers, with support from their industry peers in an environment that encourages co-operation and improved understanding of the standards, and with the aim of achieving high levels of interoperability.
Typically, engineers participate in these events with the ability to code and debug aspects of their implementations on site, sometimes retreating to their hotel rooms to craft improvements before returning to the Plugfest to cont


PL+S: Proteus headlines stellar line-up for Elation

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Germany - The new Proteus line of IP-rated arc-source moving heads will headline an outstanding line-up of lighting innovations for Elation Professional at this year’s Prolight+Sound exhibition.
Both the Proteus Beam and Proteus Hybrid are now available. Proteus is a next-tier product line of IP-rated moving lights built specifically to empower designer creativity. Compact, robust and budget-friendly, Proteus fixtures are designed to unleash creative vision and excel under any conditions, says the company.
Proteus will debut alongside other Elation innovations like the new Artiste DaVinci, a full-featured and high-output theatrical-grade LED moving head spot luminaire. A number of other cutting-edge products are set to impress as well including the new Platinum 1200 Wash, Elation’s brightest LED wash to date, and the flexible seven-colour Platinum Seven LED wash luminaire.
Elation’s Fuze series of full-colour LED wash luminaires with zoom – classic Fresnel-looking wash lights with an extremely homogenised field of light and a lens face that appears as one colour instead of individual LED diodes – has proved popular since launching last fall. Visitors to Prolight+Sound will have their chance to see both moving head and IP65-rated PAR versions. Also featuring will be the Rayzor 360Z, a compact LED beam/wash moving effect with zoom.


ETCP launches portable power practice exam

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

USA - The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) will launch a practice exam for the Portable Power Distribution Technician certification examination on 1 April 2017. The web-based practice exam will consist of 50 questions is available from that date forward for $40 at Candidates should go to the ‘Candidates’ link and then follow the menu to ETCP and choose this exam.
The ETCP Council understands that there is a certain amount of fear surrounding the exams because many candidates have not taken an exam in quite some time and/or may be unfamiliar with computer-based testing. The 50-question practice exam will provide candidates with a valuable tool for self-assessment. There is no application process with the practice exam; so any interested candidate will be able to take the exam privately at home, at the office or on the road whenever it is most convenient for him or her. Candidates have 30 days to complete the exam.
“I speak with candidates every day who are intimidated by this exam,” said Meredith Moseley-Bennett, the ETCP certification manager. “Our hope is that the candidates who opt to take the practice exam will go into the actual exam feeling more comfortable and confident because they have gotten a general sense of the exam beforehand.


LED Creative debuts Byte Controller

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

UK - Designed and built by the LED Creative in house Technical Team, the Byte Controller is a controller unit developed specifically to work in unison with the LED Creative Sigma product range.
Created to allow maximum artistic control with minimum programming time and a greatly reduced DMX footprint, Byte offers precise, intelligent pixel management, easily handling up to 300px per output or up to 1200px across an eight-output unit.
Accurate and flexible, Byte permits outputs to be addressed individually or grouped, thus solving several common ‘real world’ LED pixel issues by allowing control as individual fixtures, the same fixture or as part of grouped fixtures. For added variability, the system’s unique on board algorithms can manipulate built in effects to provide almost infinite, instantaneous results.
Commenting on the new units, LED Creative’s Adam Howard says, “Our new controller units are an extremely valuable addition to our product range. We built them specifically to meet the needs of clients using our Sigma LEDs and we’re absolutely delighted to have see them already put to good use on a number of productions.”
Solid, lightweight and featuring acoustic silent cooling, Byte is suitable for studio and theatre use, or environments where ambient noise levels need to be kept to an absolute minimum.
(Jim Evans)


PL+S: Clair Brothers reveal design innovations

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Germany - Clair Brothers is to launch “several unique design innovations” at Prolight + Sound 2017 (Booth 3.1, E37).
Following the evolution and success Clair Brothers started with the C15 large format line array cabinet, the company will officially announce the launch of the C12 and C8 line array products. The C12 and C8 are available with Clair True Fit Technology horizontal waveguides custom tailored for any specific venue.
The C12 and C8 also feature a new transducer technology that offers two solid benefits. One is significant weight reduction, the other a reduction in amplifier channel requirements. These new features come with zero technical trade-offs. In fact, these features enhance the ability for the line array to be digitally beam-steered in the vertical plane with F.I.R. processing, says the company. The C12, a double 12-inch format line array, and the C8, a double 8” line array, share the benefit that both can be ordered with a variety of horizontal waveguide patterns. Standard factory waveguides will be 90º and 120º, but a range of waveguides between 60º and 140º are also available.
“We’re continuing the trend of a growing portfolio loaded with strong high-performance products following last year’s debut of so many others,” confirms Josh Sadd, vice president and chief engineer for Clair Brothers.
Frankfurt will als


Adamson launches Load Library V4

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Canada - Adamson Systems Engineering has announced the release of Load Library V4, enhancing the user experience and elevating the sonic performance of Adamson products in the field to a whole new level.
Now, all Adamson loudspeakers are presented as a single module in Lake Controller, simplifying the output routing process and minimizing the time it takes to complete group assignments. It presents a cleaner and more streamlined workflow, especially with all loudspeakers utilizing linear phase crossovers, as only half of the total modules are present on the workspace.
This enhanced ease-of-use is the product of Adamson's R&D team designing custom FIR filters for the high-performance E15, E12, and S10, which has ultimately produced a more tailored response, especially in the crossover region. This translates to a more even frequency response, as well as an even higher level of uniformity across the horizontal plane.
“At Adamson, we’re very proud of our R&D team and the constant stream of innovations they’ve helped us introduce to the market,” comments Brian Fraser, product manager and senior applications engineer, Adamson Systems Engineering. “But we’re not only committed to continually delivering state-of-the-art, high-performance audio products; we also want to ensure that our current solutions are performing at the highest possible


PL+S: AC-ET showcases innovation

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Germany - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) will be showcasing some of the latest lighting innovations and related services from its extensive portfolio of over 200 brands, at Prolight+Sound 2017, Frankfurt, Germany, stand B25, Hall 5.0, 4-7 April 2017.
Visit the AC-ET bar to enjoy the company's hospitality whilst speaking to representatives from its International Sales Team about the choice of industry-leading and popular-selling brands available for a huge range of applications - including touring, theatre, venues, education, film & TV, corporate and other markets. The company can also supply audio, rigging and video solutions.
The stand will feature a selection of Chroma-Q’s recently launched lighting solutions. Products include the new, multi award-winning Color Force II batten range, which features proprietary homogenised optics to provide a superior RGBA colour blend of high quality saturates and pastels – and a purer white – with no unsightly colour-mixing shadows.
Also on display is the new Color One 100X LED PAR with 60% more output than its predecessor and convection cooling; the award-winning Inspire, convection cooled architectural house lighting which delivers pure white or fully mixed colour enabling users to create a seamless experience from the stage to the audience.
Finally, the Space Force variable white soft sour


Baldwin Boxall gears up for Firex 2017

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

UK - At this year’s Firex exhibition, Baldwin Boxall is looking forward to showing the new VIGIL3 voice alarm products, touchscreen microphone, VIGIL Eclipse4 and the moisture proof disabled toilet alarm kit to visitors to their stand (E140).
VIGIL3 is the latest voice alarm offering from the UK manufacturer. The system boasts floating transformerless amplifiers, mains sleep mode, compact battery charger, compact but powerful amplification and an incredible control unit that makes the traditional style voice alarm router redundant. Add this to the new touchscreen microphone and the quality and backup from a well-renowned company and you will have a system that will be future proof for years to come.
Each VIGIL3 control module is capable of handling 8 dual circuits – despite its compact size. For larger systems, it is simply a matter of adding further units to the system – as many as 100 units (800 zones) is possible. Full audio equalisation, 64 audio channels, four fire alarm panel inputs, hard wired bypass facility, time delay per channel, impressive message storage and an option to use copper or fibre networking – are just some of the features of the VIGIL3 voice alarm system.
The VIGIL3 amplifiers – available as dual 75W, quad 75W, dual 150W, quad 150W and dual 300W – are an incredible 58% lighter than their predecessors. Each amplifier h


PL+S: LEDBlade presents LED strip system

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Germany - LEDBlade is presenting its new generation LED strip, visual technology system to Prolight+sound. The system comprises both a straight component, the original LEDBlade Stripe, and the recently launched LEDBlade Curve.
Both will be showcased on stand A25 in hall 4. LEDBlade creates depth of space or three-dimensionality; it enhances edges, expands the visual area or links together to create any geometric design. LEDBlade adds extra dynamic to the video design toolkit.
LEDBlade Curves and LEDBlade Stripes can be used in any combination together – deployed as an independent visual item or integrated into a complex visual design – to create an impressive and memorable visual experience. For creatives and event designers, LEDBlade offers fast and easy mapping through any media server or projection control device, for a perfect image, on TV or live.
Handmade in Europe, LEDBlade was developed by an AV rental company to meet a recurring need. The product benefits from over 20-years of hands-on experience. LEDBlade is rugged in demanding situations, compact and light for ease of transportation and IP-rated for use indoors and out.
The product is simple and fast to install. It can be reassembled on a daily basis, with both components utilising the same cabling and power options. LEDBlade offers numerous fastening and securing options, includin


Pointman debuts Flex-Phase electric chain hoist

Monday, 20 March 2017

USA - Pointman Lifting Products has introduced the Flex-Phase hoist. Initially available in the 1/4T capacity Model S unit, this new to market hoist gives users the flexibility of powering their hoist with either 115V single-phase power or 230V three-phase power, without changing any parts in the hoist.
With a lifting capacity of 500 pounds at 16ft per minute regardless of operating voltage, Flex-Phase is a suitable tool for companies whose projects run the range from small events projects up to large tradeshow events. The compact chassis and low self-weight of the SM series platform combine to make the Flex-Phase hoist easy for crews to handle, and leaves more of the rigging points capacity for the support of the production equipment. A Flex-Phase unit fitted with 60ft of lift weighs in at less than 50lb.
“This hoist meets a need for a very large segment of our industry. In many cases the convenience of a single-phase hoist is the difference between an easy load in, or a larger labour call,” says Elmer Veith, Flex-Phase project lead. “Not having to carry a duplicate inventory of hoists to cover those cases means you can take on any project without worrying if you can get the right power or the right hoist. It’s liking getting two hoists in one body.”
Flex-Phase hoists will work with a single channel control pendant, or can be operated from


PL&S: Fohhn showcases latest digital technology

Friday, 17 March 2017

Germany - Fohhn Audio AG brings its next generation of Beam Steering systems and Class D amplifiers to this year’s Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt, along with audio solutions from its upcoming Media-Series. These new products will feature in The World of Fohhn, (Hall 3.1, Stand F81), as part of a spectacular display involving the company’s entire product range: from the smallest adapter to the largest loudspeaker system.
The Fohhn stand will include both new and established products, presented as “an exhibition within an exhibition”. Information on the company’s latest developments will be available to visitors via displays and media stations.
One of Fohhn’s show highlights is the digital updating of its award-winning Linea Focus products: This latest generation of Beam Steering systems is now equipped as standard with digital AES/EBU- and Fohhn AIREA inputs. The systems are also optionally available with digital inputs for Dante and Optocore, as well as analogue inputs.
The same digital and analogue input options are also a feature of Fohhn’s brand new DI-Series amplifiers: These high performance DSP amps are notable for their extremely long peak hold and unique, contemporary front panel design.
A further highlight is the new Media-Series: two-channel audio systems that can be seamlessly integrated into media stations for optimum


Nexo releases management software for Mac

Friday, 17 March 2017

France - Nexo is releasing a new version of its NeMo system management software, making it available for the first time on the macOS platform and introducing premium features and functionality that will transform operational control of Nexo systems.
First among these are the powerful advances in remote control and monitoring of Nexo NXAMP controller-amplifiers, accessed direct from a Mac laptop which can now be plugged into the NXAMP. Users can monitor the electronic parameters of amplifiers over a wireless network, in real or past-time, and store the data as a log. It also makes it easier to exploit advanced sensing functions in the NXAMP which help protect loudspeaker cabinets.
An offline mode is now available (in the macOS version). The user can create offline devices, edit their settings and later match them to online devices, using a device identification feature. Using custom control panels, users can create interfaces which offer an extraordinary level of control, described by Nexo sales manager Gareth Collyer as “a complete game-changer for the use of NXAMPs”.
Nexo NeMo version 2.0 now embraces Nexo’s new DTD Controller, allowing the remote-control of one or several DTDs simultaneously, including preset, patch, EQ, compressor, gain and delay editing, as well as level monitoring.
First launched on the IOS platform in 2013, this new ve


Eurotek invests in BlackTrax

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ireland - Coinciding with the company’s 50th anniversary, Irish broadcast, AV and video conferencing experts, Eurotek have taken delivery of BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system. The purchase meets the exponential requirement for clients within the broadcast technology, Audio Visual, VFX and communications industry requiring real-time motion tracking throughout Ireland.
“Eurotek has made a commitment to focus on growth, and new projects in our home country are central to this expansion. The projects we work on are getting much more complex, and systems like BlackTrax will enable us to deliver impactful and compelling presentations to clients,” said Noel McMahon, technical sales & business development at Eurotek.
“The BlackTrax system is already used by our sister company AVtek for live event projects, so we’ve invested in a further system.
“With BlackTrax, we see a great potential to enhance the market for projected images. BlackTrax lets you project video (or lighting) onto free-moving objects, using techniques similar to tracking software in VFX systems,” added McMahon.
Eurotek took delivery of BlackTrax at ISE 2017 and will finalise training this month.
(Jim Evans)


New motors for Centurion-based Eventech

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

South Africa - Eventech, a Centurion based rental company has purchased 12 new Prolyft Aetos motors which will be used for their ground support, for flying PA, or which can be rented out.
“We chose Prolyft for various reasons,” said Wynand Veldsman of the company. “Reliability, safety and it was time to upgrade our current motors. Prolyft is often specified, and when used on events, the motors are quiet, aesthetically pleasing and look neat in a rig.”
The motors were purchased from DWR Distribution. “We are pleased to see the growth of Eventech and all the exciting projects they have in the pipeline,” said Robert Izzett from DWR. “When a good crew is complimented with good equipment, you can’t go wrong.”
(Jim Evans)


ETC prepares lighting and rigging line-up for PL+S

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Germany – ETC is powering up to demonstrate a selection of its latest and most popular lighting and rigging solutions at this year’s Prolight+Sound, taking place in Frankfurt from 4–7 April. ETC representatives from around the globe will be available to answer questions regarding lighting control, luminaires, rigging and complete system solutions, in hall 3.0 on stands E47, E51 and F51.
Visit stand E51 to see the recently launched Gio @5 console. This lighting desk brings the professional-grade control of the Eos Ti and Gio consoles within reach of users with tighter spaces – and tighter budgets. Receive a demo using the Gio @5, another Eos-family console, or Cobalt Wings, and see in action a selection of ETC’s Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires.
On stand E47, product specialists will show all the features of the entire ColorSource family of products. Developed for those with limited budgets who want a complete, high-quality LED lighting system with plug-and-play setup, the family includes ColorSource and ColorSource AV consoles, ColorSource® Spot, PAR and Linear fixtures, and ColorSource Relay and ThruPower power control solutions.
Stand F51 offers the opportunity to discuss ETC’s selection of cost-effective rigging solutions, designed with halls and smaller stages in mind. This is also where you can find the latest innovations in Unison


Adam Hall Group world premieres at PL+S

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Germany - At this year's Prolight+Sound (4-7 April) in Frankfurt, the Adam Hall Group – a manufacturer and distributor of event technology solutions – will unveil several world premieres in Hall 3.1, booth E60-F70. At the same time, the German company will announce its collaboration with the legendary Porsche Design Studio.
At the start of the exhibition, our pro audio brand, LD Systems, will unveil its near-production concept for a future-oriented sound product, which has been developed in collaboration with Porsche Design Studio. “Our development team, together with the designers from the Porsche Design Studio, have done a first-class job. We are introducing a brand new kind of design into the industry. I am really looking forward to seeing the reactions in the market,” says Alexander Pietschmann, CEO of the Adam Hall Group.
“This integrative design has never been seen before on the market and makes no compromises on sound quality, but is technically unique,” says Porsche Design Studio designer Jörg Tragatschnig, who has worked with his team on the design. And these could be ideal conditions for a new status quo in professional music reproduction.
The next highlight is the MAUI 5 GO, from the brand LD Systems – the world’s first mobile, battery-powered column-PA system. With six hours of battery life from a single charge and long-t


TechPro takes TG1000 from POLAR

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

UK - Tamworth-based AV specialists TechPro Events recently invested in beyerdynamic's TG 1000 24-bit digital wireless microphone system. Having consulted with POLAR, TechPro purchased the system to address growing demand for its event support services. TechPro operates inside and outside the UK, with more than half its event support services being delivered in mainland Europe.
Rob Stokes, director at TechPro reports: "The TG1000 exactly meets our needs. The frequency range is very important given that a large proportion of our work is carried out across Europe and being able to cascade six dual receivers allows us to operate 12 channels of wireless microphones without the need for additional splitters. This is perfect for the scale of events we regularly support.
“The TG1000 system was our first order with POLAR and the support from Dave Ball was fantastic. Having given him extremely tight deadlines to meet, he delivered everything to us professionally and crucially - on-time. I was informed at every stage, which helped to keep me sane at a time where we were confronting the busiest period in our trading history. When we needed supply directly from Germany, this was seamlessly managed in the background without drama.”
Dave Ball of POLAR commented: "The beyerdynamic TG1000 is an exceptional product, highly flexible and very competitively-priced for


inspHire launches new website and branding

Monday, 13 March 2017

UK - inspHire has introduced its new global website. Cementing inspHire’s position as a leading promoter of hire software globally, with offices in UK, USA, Netherlands and Australia, the user-friendly site provides a hub of information about the hire management software provider; from innovative products and customer case studies to company news and values.
The new website features customer case studies, as well as inspHire’s latest software updates and product developments. Over 2200 hire companies are already utilising inspHire software, the company says.


Elation introduces WW Profile HP

Friday, 10 March 2017

USA - Elation Professional has introduced the WW Profile HP, a high-power version of the company’s popular warm-white ellipsoidal spot WW Profile fixture. It projects a superior quality of light and is an excellent choice for the wide variety of white light illumination needs required in broadcast, worship or theatre environments from highlighting performers or scenery on stage to illuminating speakers, says the company.
Powered by a 250W warm-white LED engine, this pro-level product gives an output of 14,000 lumens, more than twice the power of its predecessor and the brighter level of illumination needed for both video and broadcast purposes. The WW Profile HP houses an advanced optical system and emits an exceptionally flat field of soft, warm-white light with a high CRI of over 91 for a more faithful reproduction of an object’s color. Its soft, flicker-free output means the WW Profile HP can operate with video cameras for image magnification and for broadcast.
The WW Profile HP supports multiple interchangeable lens options - 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° (sold separately) - making it a highly effective and highly flexible directional spot luminaire. Manual focus and a 4-blade framing system allow for full control of the beam shape for a highly-controlled field of light with less light spill. The fixture supports B-size metal or HT transparency gobos for


Slovenia’s ABC invests in dLive

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Slovenia - PA company, ABC Professional Sound & Light, has invested in Allen & Heath’s S Class dLive digital mixing system, adding a S7000 Surface with DM48 MixRack to its hire stock.
ABC’s new system has already been used on a variety of events, such as the Triskel festival in Italy, Idrija Lace festival, concerts for Pinko Tomažič choir and the Komen wind orchestra, and tour dates with well-known Slovenian bands including Big Foot Mama, Vlado Kreslin and Kingston.
“dLive has a simple interface, and is equipped with Allen & Heath sound and build quality,” comments ABC’s owner, Bojan Dolgan. “The preamps sound natural, and the FX section is simply great with fabulous reverb, delays and compressors. We are planning to buy the smaller S3000 system for the other events. We love it!”
(Jim Evans)


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