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PL+S: MA Lighting focus on lighting control software

PL+S: MA Lighting focus on lighting control software

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Germany - At this year's Prolight+Sound, MA Lighting dedicates a whole booth to its dot2 lighting control solution and features new software release version 1.2, driving the success story of MA newest product range.

Multiple hands-on dot2 console stations will be available for users to familiarise themselves with the new software. MA's product specialist will be available to answer questions or guide you through the latest feature set. Software version 1.2 adds lots of detail with respect to the overall workflow and makes the user experience even more intuitive. Customizable layout views, mutli-patch for fixtures including dot2 3D, assignable DMX ports, Auto-Backup functionality, Effect Markers, Effect improvements and lots of other enhancements are now included. Come along and see the latest additions for yourself.

Intuitive operation is the core of the dot2 philosophy and with a comprehensive set of connectivity hardware on all console models, the dot2 range is suitable for most theatre, touring, corporate, television and education lighting environments. The easy to operate dot2 software is available in multiple languages and provides on board Help and Direct Hints to guide a new user to operate the console to its full potential. A full range of clever programming and playback features provide intuitive access to advanced functionality. All information about th

PL+S: Schertler targets pro audio market

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Germany - Schertler expands into the pro audio market with the release of its new Yellow MIC500 microphone preamplifiers - single channel, full Class A, 500 series preamps that are specially designed for user installation in commercially available Lunchbox racks. The release heralds a new focus for the Swiss manufacturer who, over the last 30 years, has established a worldwide reputation for developing high quality contact microphones and acoustic amplification systems.

Available in three models, MIC500-TL, -TO and -TT, the Yellow MIC500's high quality electronics are contained within a totally shielded metal enclosure, while an anodized aluminium front panel provides intuitive access to its controls. These include a 12-step rotary switch for adjusting input sensitivity (in 3dB increments), plus an extra gain control for use in weak signal conditions or when connecting low output sources such as ribbon mics. A full 10-segment VU meter with peak hold provides highly accurate signal monitoring. A two-position phase reverse switch and phantom power switch (+48V) are also included.

Designed to offer the best possible audio quality, the Yellow MIC500 has a fully balanced signal path with no capacitor over the entire path (except for the TT model). Only discrete electronics are used on the signal circuitry. Power supply rails with active filter are designed to improve

PL+S: Prolyte Systems - ready for the future

PL+S: Prolyte Systems - ready for the future

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Germany - Prolyte Group will relaunch its complete range of roof systems this year, giving a sneak impression of the new redesigned systems at Prolight+Sound.

The complete redesign encompasses making these systems fully compliant to all applicable standards, rules, regulations, directives, codes and laws.

The revised roof systems will offer state of the art technology and will be available as a box system with add-ons. Very straight forward, what you see is what you get.

"I started in the event business to make emotions. Being involved in the process that creates emotions, that's what we do. We translate creative ideas in a technical way and make it really practical and safe to work with", states Ruud de Deugd, product manager Roof System. Quite a bold statement, but Ruud knows this business inside out. Prolyte is happy to have Ruud back on board, so he can combine his engineering skills with his practical experience and translate these into a range of products that are both of the best quality and borne out of practice.

Prolyte roofs comply to both EN 13814 and ISO 17842-1 and therefore to the relevant parts of Eurocode or any other national or continental standard. This means Prolyte supplies roof systems that are fully compliant and that live up to the state-of-the-art of entertainment technology.

The revised roof systems will be available as a box

PL+S: Alcons introduces LR18 pro-ribbon line-array

PL+S: Alcons introduces LR18 pro-ribbon line-array

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Germany - The Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt will see the official debut of the Alcons LR18 pro-ribbon line-array. The three-way, "compact-mid-size" format line-source sound system, combining the highest sound quality possible with very high SPL capabilities and throw.

By implementing Alcons' multiple-patented pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies, a super-fast impulse response with up-to-90% less distortion is achieved. This enables the LR18 to offer a fully intuitive linear response, with very high intelligibility and non-compressed identical tonal balance at any SPL.

The all-natural cylindrical wavefront of the purpose-designed RBN702rs 7" pro-ribbon transducer and the acoustically and electronically symmetrical component configuration bring a remarkable pattern control in both the vertical as well as the horizontal plane, without any distortion-inducing horn constructions.

The pro-ribbon's power handling of 1500W and RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15, caters for a superb intelligibility and throw with maximum dynamic headroom reserve.

Philip 'Dr. Phil' de Haan, Alcons' head of R&D comments, "With the development of the LR18, we followed the design footsteps and system approach of the LR28, Alcons' large format line-array and the LR18's larger brother. We paid specific attention to the projection of the LR18; In the vertical (coupling) plane, th


PL+S: Fohhn presents latest digital developments

Friday, 18 March 2016

Germany - Fohhn Audio AG will present its latest developments in digital technology, system integration and mobile sound reinforcement, as well as new design options for its loudspeakers at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt (Hall 3.1, Stand F81).

This year's main development focus for the company is on achieving compatibility with all audio networks - and the associated increase in flexibility that this brings.

On show in Frankfurt will be the current models in Fohhn's award-winning Linea Focus series, which are now equipped with an Optocore interface. A corresponding Dante connectivity option is currently in planning.

In future, all active Fohhn loudspeakers, amplifiers and controllers will be equipped with digital, transformer-balanced AES/EBU inputs, making them compatible with any digital audio network. Within this context, Fohhn introduces the first models belonging to its new generation of even more powerful digital amplifiers: These are equipped with AES/EBU inputs and integrated digital signal processors and have a power capability of 2 x 2000 W / 4 Ohm.

Fohhn will also be showing its latest loudspeaker models designed for mobile AV and concert sound applications. Taking centre stage here is the Focus Venue range of large Beam Steering systems for concert sound, and the fully horn-loaded PT-70 passive loudspeaker (2x 12"/1x 1,4"), a plug & play system f

PL+S: AV Stumpfl focus on media servers

PL+S: AV Stumpfl focus on media servers

Friday, 18 March 2016

Germany - Austrian engineering company, AV Stumpfl will bring their live event, production and rental and staging innovations to Frankfurt.

An 8K by 4K version of Wings Engine Raw will be demonstrated at the centre of the AV Stumpfl stand. Now shipping, the high-performance super media server delivers four streams of full 4K uncompressed content at 60hz - equivalent to 16K by 2K picture resolution - plus a rich array of media overlays, text generation and show control.

It is aimed at media-based installations requiring high-resolution content such as themed attractions, cinematic presentation, theatres, live events, or even planetariums.

Wings Engine Raw will be shown alongside the AV Stumpfl media server line up comprising Lite, Pro, Stage and Raw - designed to suit any budget and project size.

AV Stumpfl will use their Frankfurt trade show presence to launch the new Wings Vioso 3D mapping module with a reinvented workflow for video projection mapping and design.

An interactive video table positioned in the centre of the AV Stumpfl stand will allow trade show visitors to try and test out the software and plan for future investments.

Using any 3D model and texture, the Wings Vioso 3D uses camera-based calibration to compute projector and system alignments automatically and within minutes.

The system enables real-time tracking of various inputs


PL+S: Elation debuts three series and more

Friday, 18 March 2016

Germany - Elation will have on hand at Stand E85 in Hall 4 an impressive line-up of innovations for entertainment lighting, a line-up that includes three all-new product series (ZCL Series, DTW Series and Fuze Series), as well as a few surprise launches.

Also debuting at Prolight+Sound will be the Platinum Seven, a new seven-colour LED wash luminaire along with a cyclorama wash luminaire, the TVL CYC RGBW, a floodlight for TV, film, theatre and broadcast applications.

Elation's increasingly popular X-Series of hybrid fixtures will be well-represented in the form of the award-winning Platinum FLX and mid-sized Platinum HFX moving heads. The powerful LED-based Satura Profile CMY colour mixing moving head with framing and zoom will also be on show. Visitors to PL+S will also have the chance to get a close look at the compact Emotion moving head digital light with its next generation digital lighting technology.

(Jim Evans)


PL+S: Wisycom highlights true diversity IEM

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Germany - Wisycom will introduce its newest true diversity IEM receiver, the MPR50-IEM, at Audio Technica's booth at Prolight+Sound 2016 (Hall 4, Level 1, Booth C24). This new addition to Wisycom's extensive product line was specifically designed for professional in-ear monitoring applications.

The MPR50-IEM is based on Wisycom's MPR30-IEM, and contains a user-friendly interface that incorporates the popular features that Wisycom's clients have grown to demand. It also features a new ENS compander that now caters to music and live shows, significantly increasing the quality of audio transmission when complex data, such as full songs and instruments, is transferred. Vocal transmission, the main function of the previous system, is also much improved with the MPR50-IEM.

This new IEM receiver possesses exceptional channel switching capabilities, allowing the user to switch from IEM to IFB mode with a simple click on the menu. The MPR50-IEM also has a quick lock volume control to set a maximum volume, which protects the ears from an accidental volume increase. The unit's LED lights are able to be edited and display independent brightness selections.

Like the previous receiver, the MPR50-IEM features a true diversity configuration with two whip antennas, along with a unique wideband tuning range up to 232 MHz and an audio peak-dynamic of 200mW. The receiver also fe


PL+S: d&b audiotechnik debuts NoizCalc software

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Germany - It's tried and trusted that a d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system is more than the sum of its parts. So what's new at Prolight+Sound 2016?

d&b is introducing NoizCalc, a new software tool to predict the far field noise immission of open air events. Noise from outdoor entertainment events has become a serious topic, particularly as the number of events in populated urban environments increases. Gaining permission to stage an event frequently requires an official statement with a prediction of the noise impact on the surrounding areas.

NoizCalc is designed by d&b in collaboration with noise consulting and software development experts SoundPLAN GmbH, as the next tool in the d&b enabling technology portfolio. NoizCalc predicts sound propagation of multiple coherently emitting sources such as line arrays and subwoofer arrays. Using 3D terrain data the software accurately predicts the far field noise immission across the terrain according to ISO 9613-2 and Nord 2000 standards, allowing system designers to predict any potential noise issues during the event planning stage.

Sabina Berloffa, chief marketing officer at d&b commented, "Visitors to this year's stand will see more clearly than ever how d&b is meeting the needs of customers, engineers and markets. NoizCalc is a straightforward solution for sound system designers who are now able to investigate ho

PL+S: Zero 88 features FLX family at Frankfurt

PL+S: Zero 88 features FLX family at Frankfurt

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Germany - Zero 88 will be exhibiting at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt - Stand B50 in Hall 3 - with several exciting new products and releases.

Following its successful launch at the show last year, FLX8 now joins the FLX family of lighting consoles as the latest eight universe version of the PLASA Innovation Award winning FLX product line.

FLX and FLX8 will be shown with demonstrators highlighting the latest software release - ZerOS 7.9 - and the online universe upgrade program for FLX.

This continues the planned FLX programme of feature and capability enhancements - all continuing to making FLX an even more powerful, durable, portable and extendable lighting control console package.

ZerOS 7.9 also brings significant advancements to the whole ZerOS console line-up, as we combine the software's feature set across consoles.

Sitting alongside the FLX will be the new ZerOS Wing, allowing the expansion of FLX to increase the number of playback faders.

A number of configurations will be shown to demonstrate the versatility of the ZerOS Wing package. The Wing also brings new standards of flexibility to all ZerOS consoles - either used alone with a PC, or connected to ZerOS consoles like ORB XF and Solution.

Also showcased will be new Remote and Monitor apps for all ZerOS consoles on iOS and Android. These new free apps deliver more accessible remote op

PL+S: Martin Audio teases launch: 'the sound of things to come'

PL+S: Martin Audio teases launch: 'the sound of things to come'

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Germany - Martin Audio has started to tease the launch of its widely anticipated CDD-LIVE! Series that will be fully announced and showcased at this year's Prolight+Sound in Messe Frankfurt.

Details of the series are being kept under wraps, but Martin Audio has released a teaser print image and an accompanying teaser video for the new product launch under the banner of "The Sound of Things to Come".

The range will build upon the successful Coaxial Differential Dispersion (CDD) technology and given the 'LIVE!' moniker is primarily targeting the live sound community.

Dom Harter, Martin Audio's recently appointed Managing Director, said: "This new product range will build upon our Patented technology that will further Martin Audio's credentials as the true innovator in the marketplace and will deliver our customers a clear competitive advantage. We are extremely excited to unveil this new series at Prolight+Sound, where we have a multitude of activity planned."

Harter continued: "There will be a Press Event at 3pm on Tuesday, April 5 on our brand new stand B71 in Hall 3.1; the products will obviously be on display for the duration of the show, but most importantly we will be running 30 minute Demo sessions on the hour (11am to 6pm) for the first three days of the show over in in the Brillanz Room in Hall 4.2."

Summing up, Harter said: "This is another si


Baldwin Boxall brings new look to Firex 2016

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

UK - Baldwin Boxall is looking forward to welcoming visitors to their new look stand at International Firex (number E-14). International Firex is always a busy show for the company and staff on the stand expect to see many new faces, as well as catching up with contacts already well known to them.

The company is showing several new products at Firex 2016 and so are expecting even more interest than usual. New products include the VIGIL Eclipse4, VIGIL3 transformerless amplifiers, touchscreen control microphone and a four-way toilet alarm control unit.

"We at Baldwin Boxall are very excited about the show" commented Nick Baldwin, marketing director "The new stand is going to look stunning and, with the new products to demonstrate and our recent LPCB certification, we have a lot to talk about."

VIGIL Eclipse4, in common with its predecessors, is a wall mountable, voice alarm / public address system in a single enclosure. The new VIGIL Eclipse4 will use Baldwin Boxall's latest transformerless voice evacuation amplifiers. In common with its predecessors, the VIGIL Eclipse4 will be a wall mountable, stand-alone voice evacuation system, providing a highly-efficient solution to the voice evacuation market.

The shallow profile of the new unit will make it ideal for mounting within a building's risers - thus eliminating the need to take up valuable floor space els


The Aurora Group at Light + Building Frankfurt

Friday, 11 March 2016

Germany - The Aurora Group is set to make a significant impact at the world's largest lighting exhibition by unveiling 'Lighting 3.0' for the first time on the European Mainland, along with previewing 13 new products and launching two product catalogues.

Lighting 3.0, the culmination of more than 30 years' experience, is "the next generation connected solution that includes Internet of Things-ready luminaires, deployed as a result of Aurora's partnership with Gooee, the IoT platform provider for lighting".

Neil Salt, managing director of Aurora's IoT Division, said, "A series of new products will be previewed on our fully interactive stand, as well as a demonstration of 'Gooee Inside' which enables luminaires to intelligently transmit information (for example around human engagement or energy usage) direct to a delegate's mobile device.

"A connected ecosystem of devices will provide end users with an estimated 80 percent saving on energy consumed," Salt continued, "which will have a dramatic impact on reducing costs and improving the environment. Lighting 3.0 and Gooee-Inside luminaires are a true step-change for the industry."

Aurora will also be releasing two new brochures - Aurora: Lighting 2016 Edition Two and EnLite V4 - which together include over 350 new products.

(Jim Evans)


PL+S: Chauvet Professional unleashes Maverick

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Germany - Chauvet Professional is unleashing Maverick, a power-packed series of tour ready moving fixtures at Prolight+Sound (Hall 4 Stand G45). Featuring the MK2 Wash, MK1 Hybrid and MK2 Spot (with more fixtures to come), the new series serves up an arsenal of performance features intended to shatter budget barriers, free the imagination and set a new standard in their price category, says the company.

The Maverick Series provides the touring market with a complete and powerful set of design tools at an affordable price. Marketed around a Top Gun flight theme, the new series takes affordable design options to new heights. Indeed, the Chauvet team believes that if light did make a sound, the tour grade fixtures in the series would produce the rolling thunder of jet fighters, letting loose weapons of mass creation like full-spectrum colour mixing, custom optics, wide zoom ranges and a piercingly intense output.

"We set out to make a statement with Maverick: that powerful full-featured tour-grade fixtures can be offered at an affordable price," said Albert Chauvet, president and founder of Chauvet. "Maverick builds on the trail we blazed with our Rogue Series. Like Rogue, it sets a new standard for performance in its class. Between Maverick and Rogue, we are offering a creative tool chest that fits nicely within any budget."

The new Maverick Series fixtu


PL+S: DPA and Yamaha work together

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Germany - Two of the world's best known pro audio and MI companies, Yamaha Music Europe and DPA Microphones A/S, will join forces at the 2016 MusikMesse and ProLight+Sound shows in Frankfurt to demonstrate the advantages of combining their two powerful technologies.

As always, Yamaha will have a major presence at both events. The company's Musical Instrument division will be exhibiting in Portalhaus at MusikMesse, with the company's professional audio products shown in Hall 3.1, Booth E50 at ProLight+Sound. DPA Microphones will be exhibiting on Booth C11, Hall 4.1 at ProLight+Sound.

Yamaha's live performance stages will be equipped with DPA d:vote Instrument and d:dicate recording microphones, while the DPA booth will be equipped with Yamaha band and orchestra instruments for a number of demos and workshops and for by-passers to try out.

"We are looking forward to showing premium instruments miked with premium microphones. We started this collaboration last year and discovered that working together proved beneficial to both companies," says Nils-Peter Keller, pro audio division director at Yamaha Music Europe.

"With d:vote Instrument Microphones able to provide close up amplification and recording of virtually every instrument in an orchestra, it made perfect sense for us to get closer to Yamaha - a company that has a huge assortment of professional acous

PL+S: Avolites launches Titan v10

PL+S: Avolites launches Titan v10

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Germany - Avolites will be on Booth E80, Hall 3 Level 0, at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt from 5-8 April to exhibit its 'supercharged' Ai R Series of media servers and officially launch the new feature-rich Titan V10 and Ai V9 software.

The much anticipated Titan V10 OS features a wealth of new features. One of the most striking additions is the full 3D visualiser powered by the Capture engine, which allows the user to create and edit shows right inside the Titan interface and lay out fixtures in the space using the console's encoder wheels. V10 also allows the user to view intensity values in one place via the Intensity Grid. This clearly shows levels, source of information, whether increasing or decreasing and tracking information.

Ai V9 features an all-new Audio Engine, a Dynamic Content Page, a new User Interface, and 58 new and updated effects.

The Ai R Series, which was launched at ISE in Amsterdam in February, is Avolites' most powerful range of media servers to date, comprising a range of four and eight output media servers. All servers in the range take advantage of the increased speed and power of the latest processors, solid-state drives and AMD graphics cards.

"We've packed the very best technology into the Ai R Series so we can be sure it satisfies even the most demanding of applications," says Avolites' sales director, Koy Neminathan. "The s

PL+S: Triple E launches ModTruss in Europe

PL+S: Triple E launches ModTruss in Europe

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Germany - Triple E is launching the 'universal building system', ModTruss, Europe-wide at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2016 in Hall 3, Level 0, Booth 19.

The team launched the US-designed ModTruss in the UK in June 2015, immediately winning 'Engineering Product of the Year' at the ABTT Theatre Show Awards in London.

Best described as full size Meccano, the ModTruss system features a lightweight aluminium construction and a repeating hole pattern, meaning applications are practically unlimited.

"When I first saw ModTruss at LDI in Las Vegas I was immediately inspired by its potential," says Triple E's managing director, David Edelstein. "We've put a lot of hard work in to bring this product to the European market and are extremely excited about what it can achieve for the industry. ModTruss is now available exclusively from Triple E and interest is incredible. There is nothing else like it on the market."

Recently, ModTruss provided a strong and versatile solution to fly a powerfully bright 18kW Arrimax HMI head in an arc over the stage for the world premiere of Morgen und Abend at London's Royal Opera House. The opera moves to Deutsche Oper Berlin, premiering in April, using the same ModTruss structure. ModTruss is being utilised as training and rigging structures and used to build stages at events including PLASA London.

ModTruss is also availab

PL+S: Frankfurt launch for Funktion-One Vero system

PL+S: Frankfurt launch for Funktion-One Vero system

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

UK / Germany - Following six years of development, British loudspeaker manufacturer, Funktion-One, has chosen Prolight+Sound Frankfurt for the launch of Vero - a new, large format touring sound system. The company will also debut the Evo 7T Touring loudspeaker and F132 bass enclosure at the show.

The impetus for Vero germinated from frustration with the declining standard of audio quality in the live environment, coupled with an understanding that the industry's ergonomic expectations demand a system that can be flown quickly and easily, and with minimal crew. In answer to this, says the company, Tony Andrews, John Newsham and the Funktion-One team have designed a system that is conveniently arrayable and boasts a new level of performance characteristics relating to sound quality, efficiency and directivity.

Vero is a complete system, with each element specified or designed for the highest possible performance. The system includes speakers, amplifiers, cabling, rigging, transport dollies, weatherproof covers and software.

The Vero speaker range features six highly efficient, low distortion horn-loaded loudspeakers - the V60 mid-high, V90 mid-high and V315 mid-bass with a choice of V221, V124 or V132 bass. The V60s, V90s and V315s all have identical dimensions, enabling them to be flown in the same vertical array. The ground stacked V221, V124 or V132 bass enc

PL+S: BroadWeigh wireless makes European debut

PL+S: BroadWeigh wireless makes European debut

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Germany - BroadWeigh's newly updated wireless load cell monitoring system will make its Prolight + Sound debut at this year's show. Distributors for the brand, including AC Entertainment (Hall 5 Level 0, Booths A26 & A27) Hof Alutec (Hall 3.0, Booth A44) and Louis Reyners (Hall 3.0 Booth C14) are all set to feature BroadWeigh's latest offering on their stands.

Jonathan Purdue, sales manager at BroadWeigh who will be on hand for the duration of the show to meet with customers, said, "We're delighted to have three of our European distributors demonstrating our updated system at Prolight+Sound. BroadWeigh has worked hard to develop a new radio module which gives four times the range of the previous system. Improvements in the omni-directional antenna have provided increased performance in more challenging environments such as high concentrations of truss or wall. We want our customers to have the opportunity to see it in action and understand just how simple it is to operate and Prolight+Sound is the perfect opportunity for that."

The upgrade to the BroadWeigh wireless system was launched in the last quarter of 2015 and feedback has been positive. Jonathan said, "We've been getting nothing but good reviews since we launched the system at PLASA, but Prolight+Sound puts us in front of a very different audience and we're keen to hear from both existing and potential cu

PL+S: Picturall prepares for a busy Frankfurt show

PL+S: Picturall prepares for a busy Frankfurt show

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Germany - Market-leading Finnish media playback experts, Picturall Ltd., are gearing up for a busy Prolight+Sound 2016 in April. The company will be presenting a range of media servers including their flagship Octo server as well as the all-new Duo media server. In addition to their own displays, visitors can also witness Picturall products in action on the Panasonic stand where the Japanese electronics giant has elected to use a Picturall Octo server to run a number of screens.

First launched in 2009, Octo was the first media server in the world to have eight physical dual link DVI outputs, ten optional Full HD inputs and to fully control sixteen Full HD displays. Still going strong at the heart of the Picturall range, the latest incarnation of Octo - as shown at ISE - raises the bar still higher with up to sixteen physical outputs (DP 1.2/HDMI/Dual DVI) and the ability to play back sixteen Full HD video layers. It is also the first media server in the world to play back 8K resolution media - yes, that's right, a 33.3megapixel media file played back in a single layer by one box, and that's just the start, the company says.

The unit also features 48 media layers with position, scaling, rotation, colour correction, effects and alpha channel along with a cutting edge effects generator for all the effects users might. "Like all Picturall media servers, Octo runs on


Pearce Hire returns to Event Production Show

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

UK - Pearce Hire reports that after a five year hiatus they will be showcasing their production services and rental business this week at the Event Production Show (EPS) at Olympia in London.

With an ever increasing client portfolio in the outdoor event and corporate conference sectors, alongside continuing investment in a significant brand inventory, Pearce Hire have made the decision to return to the Event Production Show for the first time since 2011.

"The extended opportunities the co-location of Event Production Show alongside Confex offers Pearce Hire makes the show an interesting proposition," explains Shaun Pearce, MD, Pearce Hire. "Having not exhibited here for a few years we are looking forward to seeing plenty of our long standing corporate, conference, festival and outdoor event clients, as well as expanding our network with new connections across these industry sectors.

"Our production team will be on stand 1B11 and will be happy to discuss technical requirements for forthcoming projects, or any production challenges that your events have this year. We are experts in greenfield sites with strong sustainability credentials, as well as a portfolio of case studies to demonstrate our skills in the corporate and conference sector, from prestigious, high profile ship launches to AGMs and other major conference projects. We also regularly provide the au

Philips Entertainment Lighting gears up for Frankfurt

Philips Entertainment Lighting gears up for Frankfurt

Monday, 29 February 2016

Germany - Philips Entertainment Lighting will be unveiling a broad portfolio of new creative tools for lighting designers as part of the group's immersive 'be inspired by light and create great experiences' stand concept at Prolight+Sound 2016.

From Philips Showline comes the SL HYDRUS 350, which will be launching live at the show. The first Platinum lamp-based luminaire in the originally LED product line, the SL HYDRUS 350 is a super bright hybrid moving light that is designed for the live event and TV market because of its small size and speed.

Feature-packed with a wide zoom range in each mode, the SL HYDRUS 350 offers a vibrant colour pallet and is loaded with all the tools a designer needs to create mid-air effects, clear and precise projection as well as seamless blended animated washes.

"We're really looking forward to launching the SL HYDRUS 350 at Prolight," says Martin Palmer, Philips Entertainment Lighting product segment manager. "It's taking the Showline product line in an exciting new direction with a Platinum-based light that still offers the fantastic tourable qualities of the rest of the range - super versatility with high output yet compact and lightweight."

The SL HYDRUS 350 will be joined by some of the latest Philips Showline products, including the SL PUNCHLITE 220, the SL STRIP 10IP, SL BAR 510 and the SL BEAM 300 FX.

Also on st


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